Hey y'all! 

I have been keeping meticulous notes about my career and the climb, so I wanted to offer you a glimpse at my diary!!!! That's what this is. A peek into my private life: my trips, my ups and downs, who I meet, who screwed up my hair, who I'm writing with, where I am. etc.

Inquiring minds want to know! ;)

My plans are to write a book sharing the knowledge and skills learned from this whole experience.


American Idol Callback

June 8, 2022- A huge shout out to my Mom for submitting a video of me performing to the Producers at ABC's "American Idol"! WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE ;)
I got a notice yesterday saying, "The Producers saw your LIVE performance AND LIKED WHAT THEY SAW!" I was like..... ?????? And my Mom starts cheering! So today I had my second round audition in front of producers. We'll see if I make it through the next set of obstacles. Just another opportunity presenting itself! I'm blessed.


Call back for FEATURE FILM

June 8, 2022- So I recently became a member of Backstage.com. I know it's legit because my Mom just landed a major role in a Movie called "The Razing" via Backstage. I was just notified that I have been selected to play a really cool part in an upcoming feature film called "Substitute". I'm learning my sides now and will submit an audition tape sometime today!


Partnering w/"One More Day"

April 2022- I was asked by the Founder of "One More Day" to help spread the word with two "other" celebrities. Of course I said I would. ANYTHING for our Veterans! Two other spokespersons are David Corlew (Charlie Daniels), and Chris Kael (Five Finger Death Punch). 



April 1, 2022- I was nominated for a "Hermes Creative Award"  for my Official Music Video for "Not In The Mood" ~ and I WON!!! The Hermes Awards have been around a while. They are the largest creative competition in the world. I've been called "a Messenger and Creator of the Information Revolution."  We arm ourselves with our computers and our imaginations, and we bring to life our ideas through traditional and digital platforms...and in 2022 I was recognized as a "Creative"- and that reassures me that my "art" is on point. I realize that all music is subjective, and I realize that everyone won't like it, but I'm glad the Hermes Awards acknowledged me this year! 


Grammys  Parties

April 2022- Although I turned my Recording Academy paperwork in months and months ago, I haven't yet got the congratulatory letter so I was ineligible to attend the Grammys. It was half RIGHT HERE in Las Vegas this year and I couldn't go. The Academy did invite me to a few pre-parties and some after-parties where I took total advantage of that! I brought business cards and I must have handed out 300 of them. I take to lots of people and I was interviewed on the Red Carpet (4) times. 2023- Get ready! I'nm practicing holding 5 Grammys in my arms at once! ;)


Minding My Businesses

January 24, 2022- I am the proud owner of my own record label AND my own publishing company!

I've owned the publishing co. for a few years and this year I just bought the record label. "Zeiss" is the label responsible for putting out all my records. I loved the company so much I bought it. I plan to do many things with Zeiss. It was so fun seeing Zeiss' name on the charts next to Def Jam, Capitol, etc. I charted with my single "Distracted" released through Zeiss. I'm proud! I've owned my own publishing company for years. I created it when I put out my first record. I learned there were 2 sides to a song: a songwriting side and a publisher's side, so I figured I might as well collect on the Publisher's side of things instead of giving it away to someone else, so therefore: CC Publishing, LLC!


3rd World Wide Songwriting Competition WIN

January 20, 2022- I'm extremely honored to have won ANOTHER world-wide songwriting award! When I got the first one I was in disbelief- Like..... I really can't believe this then I got another. After the second one I started to think that maybe I was a great songwriter and after the third win in an International competition, I was convinced I am on the right track. I love songwriting and I am very thankful to have been blessed with this talent. 


Heart of Hollywood Magazine Interview

November 30, 2021- I was contacted by the Heart of Hollywood Magazine and they requested an interview with me. It was a written interview- I was really happy to share info about my music with them! I think the issue I will be in is the January 2022 issue!


Hollywood Music In Media Nomination

November 22, 2021- I was notified that my song 'Distracted" was nominated for an award this year at the HMMA's! Other notable nominations were Billie Eilish (No Time To Die)- Hans Zimmer, U2, and more. I watched the awards show LIVE and when the announcer called out my name, I got goosebumps! They said my name! I am currently working on more sync opportunities and look forward to WINNING in 2022!


WON a World wide Songwriting Award

October 20, 2021- So I wrote a song called "XXX X XXXX". LOL I don't want to disclose the name because it isn't out yet! We all know that songwriting is an art, and therefore really subjective and I'm always getting opinions so I entered my lyrics in a WORLD WIDE songwriting competition and got a Global TOP 10 winner! I think I might release this one shortly!


Seoul, South Korea releases my music!

October 19, 2021- I signed a licensing agreement with Sound Republica in Seoul, South Korea. Our agreement allows them to distribute my music as part of the "K-Pop" culture. First release is "Distracted"- and the rest of my music will follow in the next few months. Always grateful for people interested in getting my sound to the right audience. 


October 17, 2021-  In October my manager arranged a meeting for me with Knowledge Smith, Director of Urban A&R with Atlantic Records. in Los Angeles, CA. I performed my song 'Come Alive" for him. In a matter of minutes afterwards, I received a congratulatory email from him stating he gave me a "perfect score"- 25/25!!!!

Meeting with major label


Opening for Howard Hewett in Reno

October 8, 2012- I was asked to open for the Legendary Howard Hewett in Reno, Nevada with JonJon from Troop, Juanita Wynn, and other celebrity musicians!

This was a joint effort to "Break The Silence" about Domestic Violence nation-wide. I was also asked to tour with the group after our first concert. 


Working  with  Actor Danny Glover

October 7, 2021- While opening for Howard Hewett in Reno Nevada I had the opportunity to not only meet Danny Glover, but I danced with him too! I sang two of my songs for him and he came up to me afterwards and kissed me on the forehead and danced with me...And the whole time I was singing, he was pointing to me and smiling so big! After I sang, a waiter approached my table and handed me a plate of Chicken and rice stew and said, "Compliments of Mr. Glover". (No one else had food!) LOL


Nominated for a JOSIE!

August 15, 2021- So I've just been nominated for a Josie Award for my song "15 Candles"! Results should be in later this month, but I'm just extremely flattered to even be nominated! 2021 is a MUSCH better year than 2020!


ISSA GOLD 2021 Female Vocalist of The Year

August 12, 2012- I am the International Singer Songwriter's Association 2021 Female Vocalist of the Year!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!


Nashville Production Team

August 11, 2021- Absolutely love the fact that our paths crossed!

I am extremely lucky to get to work with Nashville Producer Ryan Lau and Phenom song writer, Keegan Bost! It's awesome when your team "gets you"! 

Singer/Songwriter J.C. Anderson  (Nashville) is my other favorite co-writer. 



Learning Logic  in my home studio

July 26, 2021- I'm tearing up Logic!!! After 10,000 hours of YouTube tutorials and videos, It's ON!!! I've actually recorded myself for demo purposes and laid down some pretty sick harmonies and recording of new material! So excited!


X-Poze-ing Music Award Nomination

July 25th, 2021- Just received word about this nomination today!


1st Place Winner in International contest

July 10, 2021- Yeah... So I woke up the other morning to an email that was quite "Congratulatory" in nature. It started with "YOU WON!!!"  And I was like..... "Of COURSE I won. What kind of scam is it this time?" After doing much research and LOVING what I read online about the World Songwriting Awards, I was soooo happy!!! It was real- and I really won first place internationally. Good day. This is my first WIN from the World Songwriting Awards!


Wounded Warrior Project Fundraiser

July 4, 2021- Early in 2021 I was contacted by a booking agency in Nashville and they wanted to know if I would be interested in partnering with The Wounded Warrior Project and become involved in hosting some LIVESTREAM concerts to help raise money for our Nation's Wounded Veterans. The answer: Of course! Here is a pic of my band director (Mo D'Anger) and I after the livestream on July 3, 2021. The wall behind us of fallen soldiers was donated to us to use for that livestream by a charity for Veteran's in Las Vegas called "Race to Erase". Thank you to everyone who watched, who donated, and to those who keep supporting my efforts.


A Fan with An Idea

June 23, 2012- So a Facebook Fan kept telling me over and over that I looked like Marilyn Monroe. I took a long look in the mirror and just couldn't figure it out until I curled my hair! I was shocked. Never knew her personally but I think she'd be proud.

I'm going to start taking on fan challenges! Seems sometimes you guys have a lot more insight than I do!

I really like the curls! :)


Working in Nashville

June 12-18, 2021- Had a really good time in Nashville although the trip wasn't exactly for pleasure.

I worked hard the whole time and I'm too young to get into bars on Broadway, so I kept busy. I attended a handful of cowrite sessions with some really great names in the songwriting industry. I wrote with Producer/Songwriter Alejandro Medina, Producer /Songwriter Ryan Lau and Producer/Songwriter Justin Wantz along with lyric geniuses such as: Keegan Bost (WINNER of NBC's "SONGLAND") and my buddy JC Andersen.  I also got to perform LIVE on the Moxy stage and I spent quality time with one of the best songwriters in Nashville, Ms. Barbara Cloyd. It was a long trip but I came back to Las Vegas with some of the best songs ever. Next step is getting these produced and get new material out there! It's coming! Promise. 


Why? You ask.

June 9, 2021- LOL! This pic was taken after a late night band rehearsal. I swear I'm a grandma! Around 9pm, my body starts wanting to sleep!!! I'm trying to adapt to "musician's hours". Our band rehearsal STARTED at 10 pm the other night. I got to rehearsal tired so what I've started doing is taking a nap (if schedule allows) a couple of hours before rehearsal and some BLACK coffee does wonders. I never put sugar in it because when I do, YOU CAN TELL. I don't know what it is about sugar that makes me so hyper, but it does! Everyone will look at me and ask, "Have you had sugar???" Yup. Guilty.

I love this pic though. My facial expressions speak volumes.

Looks like a Cheech and Chong moment! LOL


Partnering with WWP

June 6, 2021- I am so excited about this LIVE STREAM!

I was contacted by The Wounded Warrior Project. They asked if I'd be interested in doing a LIVE STREAM fundraiser on the 3rd of July. (That's the day before the 4th of July). ;)

This non-profit is my favorite. They address so much more than physical wounds. This month is PTSD Awareness month and I'm on fire about donating my time for something like this. Thank you Matt (WWP Organizer) for helping us organize the fundraiser. We will be streaming this FREE LIVE concert July 3rd, 2021 at 6:30pm from my Chesney Claire Facebook page! I hope to talk to a few Soldiers/Veterans beforehand and maybe invite them to the live stream AND I will be debuting my brand new song "Wrapped In Your Flag".  Y'all make it a point to attend and show our Veterans some love ;)


Lovin' my home studio!

June 1, 2021- Having access to Logic, keyboards, and a LIVE STREAM stage has created a monster! I am IN LOVE with the aspect of music production. I am so thankful I have this at home. Long gone are the days when I have to ask someone to help me write a song. I no longer have to look for a live stream location. I can do this myself! I'm not saying I'm an engineer. I'll leave that to the pros- I am just so happy now that I'm free to create! A home studio is bomb.


Learning with Lynch

May 4, 2021- was so blessed to have met Jaime Lynch in 2020. Jaime was a featured finalist on the first season of FOX’s ‘X-Factor’, and has toured North America & Canada as the lead vocalist/emcee in the ‘Pussycat Dolls Burlesque Review’ starring Carmen Electra. She is a featured artist on songs heard on FOX’s American Idol, the Roxy Summer Jam commercial, ABC’s Pretty Little Liars, and for the SF Giants World Series. Jaime is my "musical big sister". I try to spend as much time with her as I can learning. Watching. Taking notes. 


Comedy Sitcom

April 29, 2021- So I found out about a comedy sitcom being filmed in Las Vegas. I was invited to a group reading. Once I was there, I was called on to read some lines. After the reading, I had an invitation from the director to join the cast. So I did! I had to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), so I can't discuss it YET but when the time comes, I'll let you all know. This is going to be great!

Black Movie Night Invitations Poster-2.p

2021 ISSA Nominations

April 18, 2021- In the early part of 2021 I was notified by the International Singer/Songwriter's Association that I was nominated for 7 prestigious Independent Music Awards. Categories were: Young Adult Artist of the Year, Single of the Year (15 Candles), Songwriter of the Year, Music Video of the Year (15 Candles), Female Vocalist of the Year, Female Rising Star of the Year, Female Emerging Artist of the Year.

Out of those nominations, I am a Finalist in 4 of the categories!

Winners will be announced in August 2021.

Thank you ISSA!

(And thank you fans for your votes!)


What tha???

April 10, 2021- I have an AMAZING FM Radio Promoter! I LOVE how receptive FM Radio is to me and my music. I moved VERY quickly up the Independent Charts. I found my music was playing on FM radio in several countries therefore I have fans from all over the world- not just America. This week I can't wait to tell the world that I am #40 on the Adult Contemporary Charts!!!! Know who is #1? The Weeknd. I'm on a chart with The Weeknd. I am. I'm on that damn chart! I have a lot of people to thank for that. I didn't do this part. This part belongs to the promoters and apparently I've got the right guys. I also want to thank you guys for calling the radio stations, for emailing station managers, etc. The fact that you guys love me is evident!

KEEP STREAMING!!!!!!!! Add me to your favorite playlist. Sleep with my song on repeat. Buy 10,000 copies on Amazon. Someone get me a tour bus. ;) LOL


Writing with JC Andersen

April 7, 2021-  I never knew exactly how much fun writing music could be with someone that loves it just as mush as I do. I just had the opportunity to co-write with JC Andersen (Nashville, TN). Words flowed easily. We drank a little coffee and scribbled a few lyrics together then mashed it all up and made an original tune in less than 2 hours. JC's genre is country but the guy can write anything and has such a great ear and an honestly crazy good voice! He calls me his new "Homie". 

I am leaving for a week stay in Nashville this week and I will surely have other writing opportunities with him! You should hear our music! You WILL.


Vocal lessons with Bucky Heard

April 2, 2021- It's been a real blessing working with Bucky Heard of The Righteous Brothers! I met Bucky one night while he was preforming at Bootleggers in Las Vegas. He's the most kind man ever! He sat at my table with my mom and I and asked me about my music. After he listened to a short snippet he said, "I'd love to work with you!" ...And from that day forward, I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with him. The first time he came to my house, he brought me flowers! Who does that!? Admittedly, I kept the bouquet for like 6 weeks. ;)


Making music with Prince Rican

March 27, 2021- Sometimes in making music you find true friendships. I have the opportunity pretty often to work with Prince. I guess you can say he's my "big brother" in Vegas. I love his work ethic! He never let's anything get him down. He's an optimist and a creator- and I love working with him on special projects. Prince never gives up. He pushes every day and believes in himself- and I love surrounding myself with positive people and positive vibes!


I was born to perform

March 20, 2021- I always feel so alive when performing on stage. I've often wondered where artists go during their time on stage and now I know. There's a place you go when on stage that is completely different from where you are physically. I'm learning to "feel" my songs better as I get older. I think a lot of feels come from actually going through certain situations. As I grow, both in numbers and musically, I'm learning to have a better connection with my music and be able to connect with an audience telling a story and I love when that engagement is reciprocated. In that moment, you're remembering lyrics, you're praying your band holds it together and I, personally looking at the audience and wonder what they are thinking BUT I sink into my "vibe mode" and I close my eyes and drift off to somewhere deep and creative. It's such an escape! Such a high!


THE VOICE calling me?!

March 12, 2021- So a million people were sending me private messages. "The Voice is holding auditions", they said. "Send in a video", they said. "C'mon! Do it!", they said. So I did.

After sending in my first song, (a cover of "Just the Two Of Us", I was alerted that I was selected for a call back. I spent weeks preparing and rehearsing for Round two. I recorded three LIVE performances and submitted them. After waiting a few weeks to hear something back, I took it that I was not what they were looking for for their TV show. I decided to read the "small print" and it stated that the winner of the entire show would get a record deal with Universal Records (amongst other things). I'm pretty sure things happen (or don't) for a good reason.


Kool & The Gang

February 17, 2021- So I was visiting a friend that owns a huge music venue in Las Vegas and I was checking the place out. So much music equipment! Once I got the grand tour, I was greeted in front by this man- Skip Martin! 

Sennie "Skip" Martin III is an American musician, now based in Las Vegas. He is a lead vocalist, trumpet player, songwriter and producer who was formerly lead vocalist for Kool & The Gang (1987–2007) and the Dazz Band. Before those groups he was lead singer for the East Wind Band and then he was lead singer for the Mighty Generation Band. I am meeting so many amazing people in the music industry. 


Officially releasing HOURS

February 1, 2021- I officially released my third original single called "Hours". This is one of the songs I wrote when I had Covid. (Nothing else to do, right?) The perfect man/woman thing where the man cheats and lies about it. I know women lie too guys- I just couldn't resist it. I was going through a time then when I was a bit suspicious about the behavior of a significant other and on paper is where I could just let my mind go and make up scenarios that might translate into a cool song lots of people could relate to. This is the only one of my original singles so far that I don't have a music video for. Maybe that'll change?


My lyrics in Write Away

January 2, 2021- I was notified today that some of my song lyrics would be in the May 2021 issue of Write Away Magazine. How cool is that? I really love writing songs. At first when I was just learning, writing was not my most favorite thing to do but I quickly realized the importance of a singer being a songwriter, as well. I began taking songwriting classes and I became a member of the NSAI (Nashville Songwriter's Association International) and I joined monthly meetings where peers would get together and do songwriting exercises and would write music. My songwriting mentor is Leslie Wright. Leslie is from Harrison, Arkansas and taught me lots. I have learned so much from studying the topic.


Hair Catastrophe!

December 14, 2020- Sometimes you accidentally let someone do your hair and you think, "Surely this woman who has a cosmetology license knows how to color hair!??"  So I'm sitting in the chair (with bleach all over my head). After the second hour passes I ask, "So how long do I keep this on my hair? It's bleach right? Is it demolishing my hair?" She starts to rinse it. Handfuls of my hair are coming out so much so that she takes a COMB and starts combing my hair and it looks like there's enough hair on the floor to make a whole wig! My hair fell out and broke off!! I had to chop it off and start over. It was to my waist! I should have shaved my head! But I'm on the road to recovery ;)

I swear, I'm better off every time I do my OWN hair. 

Lesson learned.


My band/rehearsals

December 1, 2020- Loving singing with my band. The great part about it all is seeing the birth of my songs. I love having the creative control to make whatever kind of music I want to make. It starts with an idea. Lyrics. A tight groove; then a melody. I can sing it for my band and say, "This is how I want this song to sound...." And they make it happen. I love working with real musicians too. Las Vegas is full of guys that want to join a "jam sesh" once a week and some of them have quit when they realized I am running a music "business". I like band members that are on time. I like band members that aren't tired, and I like band members who believe in ME enough to stick with me until the pandemic is over  and we can start making some money! My plans are to tour Fall 2021.





November 12, 2020- I moved to Las Vegas right before the Pandemic of 2020 began. I spent my time indoors first, fighting Covid (I had Covid in November of 2020) but spent my time writing music. I wanted to make the best of a bad situation and I'm really glad I did! I ended up releasing two original tunes during 2020. They were: 15 Candles and Moving On. My music was played on Indie Star Radio in Los Angeles and quickly became the platform for the birth of my career. I'd like to personally thank Indie Star Radio for believing in me; for believing in my talent, and for supporting me on this journey. It was in late 2020 that I learned I won "Female Artist of the Year" there and I truly believe that is where/when people started learning about me, so I owe so much to Indie Star Radio. Thank you Alan Wayne, Ash, and so many more!


I got THE VID.

October 31, 2020- Well, it happened. I decided to go to a Halloween party at someone's house. I wore a mask the whole time and I was socially-distanced but it still got me! It's ROUGH. Excuse the way I look but I feel like I'm going to die. I have the worst headache ever and now I've just lost my sense of smell and taste. I don't have a cough and my fever is really low at 96 degrees. In the pic I was just back from the ER. It lasted a while, so I wrote music. What else can I do? 

I must have written 20 songs during this illness, Bet your'e wondering how many of the songs are about Covid? None of them. I hate Covid.


Flying in a Pandemic

September 12, 2020- I won't try to convince you that flying while a global pandemic is going on is the best choice to make but I did use all precautions and I wore my mask (mandatory anyway) throughout all my flights and kept proper distance, but what's a girl to do in an "enclosed capsule" ?  Breathing certainly is a task. I am claustrophobic anyway so a mask on my face for 5-6 hours straight leaves me no other option but to take a nap. It helps time fly by quicker too. (No pun intended.)

At the times I flew during 2020, the flights were at about 10% capacity. There was one plane I boarded and I thought, "Hey! I'm the first one on the plane!".....Then 30 minutes later I heard the announcement that we were taking off. I was the only one on the plane. I always laugh about It when I recall "The Continental flight that I bought out". 

I strictly flew in cases where travel by automobile was too far and if it was necessary for work but I have to say, the "mask thing" stinks. But then again SO DOES COVID.


Choreographer AJ O'Campo

August 4, 2020- It's exhausting but sooooo worth it working with dance Choreographer AJ O'Campo! Some of his performing credits include two European tours with recording artist Mylene Farmer, the Country Music Awards, Shania Twain, recording artist Prince, the International Music Awards, Penn and Teller, Super Bowl, Gloria Estefan, Divas Live with Anastasia, Mary J. Blige, Cher, the Dixie Chicks and many more. AJ is one of the most kind-hearted people I know and an AMAZING dance instructor!



July 31, 2020- I have a confession! This shot you see here is a still from the video MY MOM SHOT when she and I shot my Official Music Video for Moving On. We actually shot the video ourself. It wasn't hard really just time consuming. I don't know but the quality of this video speaks volumes. I've seen a $20,000 camera not produce video this clear and detailed. Proud of ya Mom! ;) Oh- And I edited the video! We are basically TAG-TEAMING COVID-19!!! LOL


New fans everyday!

July 10, 2020- love this! So, this young lady named Emma was introduced to me by another family member of hers. The family member contacted me and said that Emma was "in love" with my music. Apparently that same night, there were a group of preteen girls spending the night together and they were all on the floor listening to my music on repeat! I should have called that night but it never occurred to me so I asked for Emma's address and sent her some Chesney Claire merch and we soon became "best buddies"! I love being a positive influence. She sent me her pic wearing her shirt ;)


ISR Artist O' the Week

 June 15, 2020- I am ARTIST OF THE WEEK at Indie Star Radio in Los Angeles, California! I love how this Independent Radio Station works! You submit your music- If they like it, they play it. They don't ask for money. No pay to play here! They simply are trying to help new artists get their voices heard. I was number one on their Top 21 chart January 2020. 


Where does it come from?

May 14, 2020- I keep wondering where these lyrics are coming from. I find myself writing all the time now. I usually do it on a phone app but I'm also handwriting each song. My theory is that when it becomes a HIT, I can have the handwritten lyrics. I have some copies of some old handwritten lyrics to older hit songs (copies) and I think having all the scratch outs, all the doodles, all the attempts in writing are priceless. I'm just weird like that. ;)


Vocal lessons with Romeo

May 2, 2020- I met Romeo Johnson right when I moved to Las Vegas in 2020. Romeo’s first tour was with Vesta Williams as a background vocalist and dancer, followed by Jody Watley as a bass guitarist and bass synth player, shortly after touring with Sheena Easton singing duets with Sheena and playing bass guitar.  While touring with Jody Watley and Sheena Easton, Romeo recorded and performed with Jennifer Holliday, David Peaston, M.C. Hammer and James Ingram.  Romeo is the first and only male vocalist to ever tour with Janet Jackson. Romeo was also a vocal coach on NBC's The Voice. We had a few lessons and I'd sit in his studio looking at pics of he and Queen Latifa and he and Janet Jackson- and I'd just be like...... Whaaaaaaaaa?


Shooting with Josh Sikkema

April 11, 2020- My very first music video I ever did was "15 Candles". I met director Josh Sikkema through PCG in Nashville. Josh came highly recommended as he has worked with some really big names in the music industry. Josh worked at Bystorm/RCA Records and has shot multiple video for Stokley, Snoop Dogg, etc... and now ME ;)

Josh is a Los Angeles based director who specializes in short films, music videos, and documentaries. I absolutely love being immersed in the visually creative side of music. You get to tell your story when you write the song, when you sing the song, and again when you provide a visual. (Sometimes I can visualize the video as I am writing the song) which makes me really excited to continue to write. A huge "thank you" to Josh!


Recording with Tim Coons

March 8, 2020- It was really amazing working with Producer Tim Coons in Orlando, Florida. May 8th, 2020 I flew to Orlando to have my very first original single, "15 Candles" vocally produced by Tim. 

Tim Coons is the Founder & CEO of Atlantic Hill Music. He is also the original music producer of the Backstreet Boys who have 8 Grammy nominations to date. The Backstreet Boys have sold over 100 million records worldwide, making them the best-selling boy band of all time, and one of the world's best-selling music artists. He also produced NSYNC and Take 5 at the beginning of their careers. 

Tim has been puttting together groups, finding talent, performing, writing, recording, and producing music for over 40 years. Some of the companies he has worked for are C.B.S.SonyCheironUniversalDream WorksWarner Brothers, Edel, BMGDisneyR.C.A.Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and Transcontinental Records.

I actually recorded in the same booth as Justin Timberlake, JoJo, and others AND I signed the wall in the recording booth! Tim is an amazing man.


ISR Charts Top 21- #1

February 11, 2020- Great news! I made the Indie Star Radio "Top 21". Started out at #21 then worked my way up to the #1 position! I'm still living in Branson, MO right now but starting to work with some producers in Las Vegas, Nevada. I actually flew to Las Vegas a few weeks ago to record two original songs. These two songs might remain in the "Chesney Halt Vault" but someone has leaked it and some people actually like them. They are totally NOT my genre but it was fun to tackle!

Thank you once again Indie Star Radio for playing my music. Thank you for helping me get my voice heard. I'm so happy to be #1 on your charts!


Nash-Vegas, Here I come!

February 2, 2020- I took a much needed trip to Nashville. I brought my brand new single "Bad" (a Michael Jackson cover) with me. I was thinking I could distribute a few of them. That would, however NOT be the case. Although I did visit some major labels. the actual building were locked up like Ft. Knox with the triple crossing lasers at the front door (just joking), but security was TIGHT. I guess they were protecting themselves from people like me who want to get their music heard. Can't blame em'. Funny how everyone there knows my name already. though! "Chesney" seems to be a pretty famous name there. ;)


Studio Time is the best time

 January 2, 2020- My time spent in the music studio is my favorite part of the music business.

I have recorded in many studios and it's simply my favorite part of making music. I love working closely with the Producer coming up with unique ideas and artistic approaches to making a song.

I've learned quite a bit about production through watching for the past few years and most recently I am working more closely with my producers actively making more creative decisions. I love recording so much that I built my own recording/live stream studio in my home- and that's where I spend most of my time. 


I love Veterans

December 21, 2019- I had a great time singing at Mel's Hard Luck Diner in Branson, MO. I was asked to entertain Veterans one early morning and so they all came and had a FREE breakfast and free entertainment. That week I was also asked to perform LIVE exclusively for Veterans and their families at a large venue. It was humbling to look out and see our Veterans STANDING FOR ME. One thing you will learn about me that I have a very special place in my heart for Veterans!


Recording at Atlantis 

November 20, 2019- I recorded my very first singles, "House of the Rising Sun" by The Animals and "Gravity" by Sara Bareilles in Branson, Missouri. I moved to Branson right after I graduated from high school in 2019. I knew people there and I wanted to get started on my music career right away. I wasn't in Branson a week and I was performing LIVE with The Hughes Brothers, George Dyer, and more. I met Producer Rich Brown (Owner of Atlantis Recording) in Branson and in November of 2019 we became as thick as thieves. Another wonderful man God placed in my life. I recorded six cover singles with Rich. All of which were released to streaming platforms under my birth name, "Chesney Hébert". Rich is one of the best producers I've worked with.


My girl- My Mom

December 10, 2017- I have to talk about my Mom for a quick second. What an amazing, kind, loving human being! I see it everyday. She's selfless. She cares about me so much and she doesn't have to tell me- I see it, but she tells me anyway. I asked her yesterday, "Why do you compliment me so much?" She said, "Because I want you to always know your worth." Not only does she compliment me, she shows me without words how a Mother's love is supposed to be. My Mom is my best friend. There's nothing that could ever separate us or come between us. 

This pic was taken at a bar where I had a gig. She comes with me and sits there and watches me- And I think it's funny when guys my age flirt with her! She always messes up though because I always catch her saying, "Son, I could be YOUR MOTHER!" We are a song-writing team too! Thank you Mom for all you do!


Early Gigs in my hometown

November 20, 2016-  I got my start in music at a pretty early age. I was 15 years old singing in local bars in my hometown of Lake Charles, Louisiana. Embarrassed but excited, I had to bring my Mom with me to every gig- obviously because I was not allowed in bars without a legal guardian, so that's how I got my start! A little bit of trivia for you too- I was singing COUNTRY! I watched as other artists sang. I kept mental notes about the crowd and I couldn't wait to perform. When I started singing I noticed how intently the crowd listened and how engaged they were with me. It was like they were hanging on to every note I sang. They were singing along and dancing and I remember at that very moment feeling that "high" and thinking "I want to do this forever."


Here's where it all started!

How freakin' cute!

July 2001- I was born in July of 2001 in Lake Charles, Louisiana and lived there my entire life until I moved to Branson, Missouri right after high school graduation in 2019. I had an amazing childhood . I had a Mom and Dad that loved me and a big brother to torture me and grandparents to spoil me but things have changed. My Mom and Dad divorced after repeated domestic violence. My big brother died of an overdose in 2016. My grandparents died less than 6 weeks apart. So now, my beautiful Mom is every one of those things to me. She teaches me how to change tires, how to cook, how to walk in heels, how to be a lady- and most of all she supports me daily. Life has changed and I'm changing with it. It's a wonderful life.