It's been an amazing year so far! Chesney has been nominated for 7 music industry awards and she is releasing her new single, "COME ALIVE" May 14th. She just finished shooting the Official Music Video for COME ALIVE with Los Angeles Director, Josh Sikkema, and she's had sync opportunities placing her music on prime time television. Chesney has a new management team which consists of USA contact David Davidian (TM- Alice Cooper/The Hollywood Vampires) and Carla Potter (United Kingdom). Chesney is also represented by The Banner Agency in Nashville, TN.

Pop/RnB Singer/Neo Soul Songwriter Chesney Claire was born July 10, 2001. She graduated from Bell City High School in Bell City, Louisiana in 2019. Right after graduation, Chesney moved to Branson, Missouri to work and ultimately begin her music career.

With the help of Music Producer Rich Brown and Atlantis Recording, Chesney would successfully record and release 6 cover singles. While in Branson, Chesney's talents caught the eye (and ears) of several Las Vegas producers and songwriters. In March of 2020, Chesney and her "Momager" Kim Hebert found themselves moving across the country to "Sin City", (Las Vegas) in order to be closer to more industry professionals. Immediately upon moving to Vegas, Chesney provided vocals for two original songs that were recorded and released. Mid 2020 (amongst COVID) proved to be the perfect opportunity to write music. With 47 original songs under her belt, she flew to Orlando, FL with a local Vegas producer and had her 1st original single, "15 Candles" perfected by Producer Tim Coons (Pres. of Cheiron Music Group/Original Producer of The Backstreet Boys). "15 Candles" was released June 12, 2020.

Soon after "15 Candles" was released, Chesney began working on her next release, "Moving On".
By September of 2020 Chesney started making preparations to release "Moving On", but Industry Awards poured in and demanded her attention. In 2020 alone, Chesney was nominated for an Independent Music Award for her Michael Jackson cover of "BAD". She was also nominated for Best Upcoming Artist at the Las Vegas Music Awards, and she won Female Artist of The Year at Indie Star Radio in Hollywood, California.

Fast forward to December 18, 2020.... Chesney released "Moving On".
Chesney's single "Hours" was released February 1, 2021.
She continues to write music to add to her "Magic Book of Spells" (as she calls it).
You can be expecting MORE NEW ORIGINAL RELEASES in the very near future.

Chesney considers her music her business. She owns her own Publishing Company, and works hard every day making new contacts and developing new business relationships.
Chesney is an Alumni of PCG Artist Development in Nashville, Tennessee and has worked with NPA Management, Limited in the UK. She has worked with Producer Tim Coons (Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, JoJo, etc), Producer Rich Brown, Multiplatinum Producer Victor "Vino" Merritt, (Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, U2, etc) and Producer Luis "The LP" Pachecho (Jason Derulo, 50 Cent, Alicia Keys, Five Finger Death Punch, Lady GaGa). 

Chesney's plan is to ultimately be signed to a major record label and tour the world.


J.D. Nicholas


"Chesney is a HUGE star! She has a fab voice! She's definitely one to watch! MUCHO success I'm sure she'll have!"

Jaime Lynch

Lead singer, Pussycat Dolls

Burlesque Review

"Chesney is a dynamic singer/songwriter with a lyrical depth and tone well beyond her age. She possesses a natural talent and soulfulness that puts her far beyond artists of her age. Chesney is a born performer and definitely an upcoming artist you don't want to miss!"

Sam Watkins

Owner ITNS Radio

"Chesney is a rising star who warmly embraces the stage (She's the reason stages are created). A celestial voice second to none...a gifted composer/wordsmith and does it so naturally- Evidence of a truly God-given gift."


Victor "Vino" Merrit

Mulitplatinum & Grammy Producer

"Chesney is a very dynamic talent that is just scratching the outer core of her vast potential. At only 19 years old, she has the maturity and temperament that is needed to navigate through this sometimes 'unscrupulous' industry. Chesney is still growing in her craft and what I admire about her is there is NO ONE that will out work her! I've worked with some legendary stars: Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Snoop Dogg, U2 and others.What all these stars have in common is 'The external force that propels them to succeed at any cost or sacrifice'. This is what I see manifesting in Chesney."



Actor (Cheech & Chong)

" Congratulations on your career, Chesney Claire! I see great things in your future! Your music is BANGIN', man!"

Memberships & Associations


Chesney Claire is a PCG Alumni


Member of BMI Performing Rights Organization

IPI# 01021259505

Chesney is a Member of  ISSA