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Chesney Claire Las Vegas Model
LaJolla Shores, California surfing with Chesney Claire
Chesney Claire Model


   Leslie Wright

Big Stuff Management- Nashville, TN

"Chesney is one of the hardest working artists I've ever seen. She's beautiful, talented, intelligent, grounded, and she's already 'made it' in my book!"

   Bucky Heard

The Righteous Brothers

"Please support Chesney Claire! She is not only a talented singer-songwriter, but she's an incredible person!"

  Sam Watkins

CEO, ITNS Radio Las Vegas, NV

"Chesney is a rising star who warmly embraces the stage (She's the reason stages were created). A celestial voice  second to none... a gifted composer/wordsmith, and does it so naturally- Evidence of a truly God-given gift."

   Brent Harvey

Founder/Executive Producer

Hollywood Music In Media Awards

"...Chesney stands out because I see an artist who understands reality and the great effort it takes to create quality content, connect, and engage. Chesney is a gifted talent and one who accepts challenges with zeal, and when she's asked to deliver, she does!"

Danny Hamilton

Management YDB (Young Dirty Bastard)

" 'CC's music mirrors her vibrant personality. Her authentic voice and style really stand out, offering a unique sound that's both refreshing and true to her character.'"
Screen Shot 2024-01-25 at 7.09.16 PM.png

  David Davidian

Tour Manager Alice Cooper/The Hollywood Vampires

"I wholeheartedly recommend and support Chesney in every endeavor she pursues! She is truly talented, works hard, and her dedication to perfection is extraordinary."

    JD Nicholas

The Commodores

"Chesney Claire is a HUGE star! She has a fab voice and she's definitely one to watch! Mucho success I'm sure she'll have!"

   Jaime Lynch

PussyCat Dolls Burlesque

Las Vegas, NV

"Chesney is a dynamic singer/songwriter with a lyrical depth and tone well beyond her age. She possesses a natural talent and soulfulness that puts her far beyond artists of her same age..."

Robert Pellizzaro

Kidd Blue /FNA Records

"...Chesney checks all the boxes and creates new ones! She writes and produces all her own stuff- including videos! Her music is ear candy. Sweet grooves and beats that reflect the songs perfectly. Clever smooth vocals and melodies and intelligent lyrics all in perfect pitch..."

Thomas Hauser

CEO Credo, LLC 

"Great singer, song writer, and actor. Extremely skilled and talented young lady. She has the potential to be a leader in the industry. After reviewing her portfolio and her interest in our project, we immediately attached Chesney to our 'Fifth Kind' TV series, which is currently in development. Highly recommend checking out our series and supporting her."

  Tyler Keenan

Insomniac Events- Culver City, CA

"Chesney undoubtedly has something special, which becomes more and more clear each time you spend any time around her..."

  Tommy Chong

Professional Musician/Cheech & Chong

"Congratulations on your career, Chesney Claire! I see great things in your future. Your music is BANGIN' man!"


       Bob Dee

Recording Artist @ AMG/SONY Records

New York City

" I worked with Chesney on our new single and she totally ROCKED the vocals! Chesney is a rising star!"

    Rich Brown

Atlantis Recording/CEO

"I gotta say that Chesney's voice is impeccable! Great pitch and great tone!!! If anyone needs a singer for their show, I got the girl for you!"
Chesney Claire
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